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- Property Surveys

- Site Plans


- Topographic Survey

- Location Surveys/Drawings


- Subdivision Surveys

- Construction Stake Out


Description of the Services We Offer:

1)     Property Surveys are the reestablishment of property lines placing proper monumentation at the various corners of the property and preparing a plat suitable for recording amongst the Land Records.

2)      Topographic Survey is the location of all physical features on the property including ground contours and underground utilities.

3)     Subdivision Surveys include the property survey of the parcel, subdividing it into various smaller lots, in accordance with applicable codes, preparing necessary street and utility and storm water management plans, and obtaining ultimate approval from the governing authorities.

4)      Site Plans constitute the design of all proposed exterior improvements including grading, drainage, utility improvements, and the preparation of erosion and sediment control plans and obtaining all necessary governmental approvals.

5)      Location Surveys/Drawings are the field survey of parcels of land locating all existing improvements on the parcel, and determining encroachments (if any), preparing drawing of same and completing a surveyor's report that are typically used for the transfer of improved property.

6)  Construction Stake Out includes providing the necessary controls for contractors to build surface or subsurface improvements in accordance with approved plans.


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